I have always known that my mission in life is to help others and began counseling when I was
very young. Currently I attend trainings to continue learning the most advanced healing
modalities available so I can find the best combination for each individual person.

My family says I began counseling my friends before I began going to school as a child and just
never stopped.

I was born in post war Germany to American parents and lived there until I was 21 and moved
to Tucson in 1973. I've had several businesses but have always been interested in psychology,
metaphysics, spirituality, personal growth, meditation and yoga.

I began working on my issues in 1973 and began my daily meditation and yoga practice in
1978. It gives me the foundation for all my personal growth, especially my enthusiasm for life,
my attitude, my balance and intuition.

I have a Masters in Counseling and Human Relations from NAU, I am a State/National
Certified/Licensed Professional Counselor, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a
non-denominational Minister.

I have been working in the health field since 1973. My professional work in this field began
when I became the assistant to a Psychologist at the University of Arizona, then volunteered
as a group counselor in non-profit and state funded treatment centers. I attended the
University of Arizona, Pima College, Ottawa University and graduated from Northern Arizona
University. I did my internship and thesis in eating disorders and developed the adolescent
eating disorder program at Northwest Hospital's West Center in 1988. I also worked at several
in-patient/out-patient treatment programs such as the highly rated Sierra Tucson Treatment
Center, at Sahuaro Vista Ranch, and the acclaimed 3HO treatment program run by the Sikhs. I
worked with individuals, couples, families, and groups, also doing lectures for patient and
family member audiences.

At some of the treatment centers I also taught Meditation and Yoga. I was trained in
experiential, expressive, and Gestalt therapy in the early 70's, became certified as a Clinical
Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner in 1982, trained in Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) in the
early 80's, was trained in 1993 by Francine Shapiro who discovered EMDR, and with David
Grand and Lisa Swartz who teach Brainspotting. I have continued to be trained by many of
the developers of other Energy Psychology techniques.

I became a non-denominational Minister in 1992 and have performed Weddings and Memorial

I use many modalities and many of them I am able to teach to my clients/patients so they will
know how to deal with the their present challenges and opportunities and for all those
challenges that life will be bringing them in the future.

My clients usually experience a healthy integration of their bodies, minds and spirits, and
they feel more confident with an overall sense of well-being and purpose.

I am writing a book on intuition, spirituality, animals, and how to live life with a loving
attitude despite circumstances.
Christopher Gambel Quail 78"
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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