Brainspotting is another powerful method that produces quick results by using bilateral
sounds while focusing, identifying, re-processing and finally releasing the core
neurophysiological causes of negative emotional, mental, physical symptoms. It is successful
on a variety of issues because it is deep, direct, very focused and is based on the profound
attunement I establish with my client. We find a somatic cue then release it by decreasing
the amygdala's influence, activating the parasympathetic nervous system and creating
homeostasis. It is similar to EMDR and was developed by Dr. David Grand who trained
extensively with Francine Shapiro. I started training with him and his associate, Lisa Swartz
in 2003. Every year I try to bring Lisa, who is an incredible teacher, to Tucson to train other
therapists in Brainspotting, and her Attachment, and Resourcing that is so very effective.
Brainspotting begins to integrate the two sides of the brain until the issue has been
resolved, removed, or integrated and my client will feel free of the issue, relieved, and

One of my clients had suffered a very abusive childhood and while working on these issues
using the Brainspotting technique she commented that while we worked on one side of her
brain she felt like Dr. Jekyll and while working on the other side she felt like Mr. Hyde. Near
the end of the session she said she felt the two sides had integrated and she didn't have the
negative feelings when she thought about all the abuses she had experienced. Instead she
knew what had happened in her childhood wasn't right but now she was experiencing feeling
really good about herself. She was empowered to make positive changes in her life, which
she has done and become very successful.
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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