I hold Classes or Workshops throughout the year and will post them here. The
classes or workshops may be for family members or friends who are in relationship
with someone with a personality disorder to help them learn how to cope in a more
loving and healthy way. Some are for people who recognize how stressed their lives
are and want to learn techniques to help them reduce their stress levels.
Sometimes people want to find something to help them to grow spiritually and I will
help them to find their way to their particular path.

The classes may also be on Meditation & Yoga, Reflexology, or Life Coaching.

I have been teaching Reflexology since 1986 and helped organize the Arizona
Reflexology Association and have been the past President and Vice President. I
prepare students for the ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) test.

Workshops may be led by me, by my colleges, or by others who offer other healthy
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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Classes & Workshops