"My 1st visit with Susan was over 16 years ago. I had been to 2 other therapists before I
found Susan and got little help. Susan was quick to evaluate my situation and able to give me
the insight I needed. Over the years she has done family therapy with me, my mother, my
brothers, my son & daughters, my daughter -in law, and my granddaughter. That's 4
generations of family counseling. We are all grateful for her making sense out of our chaos.
We often remember something Susan said or did and we'll get back on track again. She is
truly a gifted counselor and we are all eternally grateful."
Kathy, Professional

"Finding Susan Warren was, as the saying goes, 'finding the right person at the right time'.
Susan has a very unique way of putting everything in perspective in a very loving and caring
environment. With the very first step I took into her office I knew I had found the right
person to talk to. As the weeks went on the issues in my life became clearer, the confusions
dissolved, and a peace was restored that I hadn't had in a number of years. I'll always be
grateful for Susan's understanding and insight."
Professional Photographer

"I contacted Susan hoping to find an alternative to prescription drugs for my depression.
Susan has been great and has taught me useful techniques for handling and addressing my
anxieties and compulsions by changing the way I cope with negative thoughts and feelings. I
have been able to re-create a new, more positive outlook for both myself and others."
Recovering Crystal Meth Addict and Bulimic

"Susan weaves together several healing modalities to meet each client where they are. For
me, through EFT and EMDR, she facilitated a deep clearing, enabling me to find and sustain a
new level of intimacy in relationships."
Yoga Teacher & Author

"I cannot thank Susan enough for what she has helped me accomplish in myself. I was
helpless & hopeless to alcohol addiction for over a decade. She helped me understand my
negative core beliefs & replaced them with positive beliefs. She provided me with tools, like
EFT, EMDR, & Meditation. I feel an abundance of love for myself that I never had before. I'm
going on a year of sobriety and feel like I owe a piece of that to Susan. My whole life has
taken on a new, very positive direction."
Jennifer M

"I have known Susan since 2001 and my experience has been outstanding. Susan is very
professional, compassionate, understanding, and a very caring person. I highly recommend

"From my first appointment with Susan I was immediately struck by her gracious care,
concern and genuine interest in me as a person and not just as a patient. Susan is
extensively knowledgeable about ways to cope with a Borderline Personality family
member/friend and I am able to have loving relationships with these people who will always
be in my life now. Susan is very spiritual and has encouraged me on my own spiritual journey
and her words of wisdom are frequently on my mind."
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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