EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) was developed by Gary Craig, and is one of the world's
fastest spreading and most effective techniques for changing negatives in to positives. It's
because Gary is one of the most generous people I've ever met and he wants to make it
available to everyone. Initially he learned a technique called TFT (Thought Field Therapy)
from Dr. Roger Callahan, whom I worked with briefly while learning TFT before I learned EFT,
then he discovered his method that may be a faster and more efficient way of getting quick
permanent results. On his website he has testimonials coming in from physicians, nurses,
physicists, teachers, parents, children, professional athletes, actors, and performers from
every corner of the planet. He semi-retired in June of 2010 but is still very active.

EFT can be used by me on a client, by the client on them self, or on others by being their
surrogate. It involves tapping on different points through out the body while focusing on
changing a negative in to a positive and/or on increasing a positive. For example, one new
mother I worked with used it with her baby when he was teething and he would begin to
laugh and giggle. Another mother had a young son diagnosed with ADHD and his school was
threatening to make him leave unless his mother medicated him. She didn't want to do that
so she began tapping on herself for his ADHD issues and within 4 months her son's symptoms
were gone and he was able to stay in school and did quite well. I've had some people
suffering from PTSD for 40 years use the tapping and say their memories no longer bother
them and they are able to function again. One lady who had suffered from a crystal meth
addiction and bulimia for years uses it daily and is free from those addictive behaviors and is
now quite successful.

I have taught many clients to use it to stop cravings for food, cigarettes, and drugs. Some
people use it to decrease anxiety, fears, anger, and pain. They tap in a positive thought to
replace the negative thoughts. It works well on any issue with most everyone. It can be done
with individuals but I have also done it with groups of people at the same time. The most
important thing is the focus of concentration and the intention of the tapper.
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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