Life Coaching helps people get clear about their goals and what is in the way of
achieving them. It is necessary to remove the blocks and add the skills and resources
necessary to achieving their goals. I have been coaching people with their issues
throughout my life, but professionally since 1973. I began being an entrepreneur in my
childhood and I continued on throughout my school years and when I moved to Tucson.
I have enjoyed the businesses I have had but decided I wanted my work to involve
studies that would help others - but also benefit my own personal growth.

Life Coaching can be done on for a variety of issues and on many levels. My expertise
with a variety of issues helps me assist clients in reaching their goals. This may or may
not involve some therapeutic modalities but it is always up to each person to decide on
what level they prefer to work.

If I am not able to assist someone with a particular issue I will refer them to someone
who can help them.
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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Life Coaching