This is the The Indian Society for the Promotion of Reflexology I met right across the street
from the SRF/YSS Kendra in Delhi at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in 2001 where they do free
treatments for the needy. When I first wrote I mentioned all the cities I would be traveling to
and that I wanted to connect with Reflexologists. I got a letter back saying "Madam, it appears
from your itinerary that you are a devotee of Sri Paramahansa Yogananda and so are we." The
head of their organization and teacher, Mr. Sanjev, is the second from the left. I met about 50
of them in total and Mr. Sanjev also took me to the Sri Aurobindo Center where they were also
doing free sessions. He presented me as the guest speaker to a whole room full of people and
they were lovely. I had just come from the Maha Kumbha Mela in Allahabad so they were very
excited to hear about it. We formed the Indo-Amerian Reflexology Association.
Susan Warren, MA, LPC, CHT
Tucson, Arizona 85718

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“Touch Intuit” Reflexology Program

The focus of this three level training program will be on teaching “Touch Intuit” Reflexology
as well as the study of the American Standard Method of Reflexology and other modalities to
integrate many techniques in to each student’s practice. Students will learn about the
history of reflexology, definition, theory, scope of practice, to identify and palpate the
reflex points on the feet, hands and ears. They will study the anatomy and physiology of the
body, kinesiology and bio-mechanics specific to the ankle and foot, learn about medical
conditions, contraindications, and understand the relationship that the reflex points have to
the systems, organs, glands, and tissues of the body. Multiple techniques will be taught in
order to learn how to use appropriate movements to illicit therapeutic responses using
various parts of their fingers/hands combined with making different motions. Business
practices will include ethics, standards, precautions and how to keep client records. Upon
completion of the program, students will understand the history of reflexology, will know the
anatomy and physiology pertinent to reflexology, will know how to give a therapeutic
reflexology session, test-taking methodology, practiced taking mock tests, and be eligible to
take the American Reflexology Certification Board Exam with the American Certification
Reflexology Board (ARCB).

There are three 30-hour levels, a total of 90 hours of the “Touch Intuit” reflexology program.
The cost for each level is $720. A person may choose to take just one level, one and 2, or to
complete all three levels. Each student will receive a certificate of completion for each
completed level. Upon successful completion of all three reflexology levels students will also
have completed 20 documented sessions thereby completing the whole 110 hours required by
the National Certification Board thereby becoming eligible to apply for the American
Reflexology Certification Board Exam (ARCB). Upon passing the ARCB exam, they may use the
title "Board Certified Reflexologist".

Payments may be made through credit card, check or cash. If using a credit card a 3% charge
will be made.

My own reflexology training and certification began with Martha Madsen in Tucson in 1985,
then I continued my studies with the International Institute of Reflexology learning the
“Ingham Method”. I also studied with Sandi Rogers from Australia who teaches
“Reflexognosy”, then completed a certification course with Father Joseph from Taiwan. I
studied with Christine Stormer-Fryer from South Africa, and studied Ayurvedic Reflexology
with Sharon Stathis from Australia. In 1997 and then again in 2001 I traveled to India and
studied reflexology with Mr. Sanjeev in Delhi and with Mr. Binod, a third generation
reflexologist in Puri. I have been Nationally Certified by the American Reflexology
Certification Board (ARCB) since 1999. I loved giving and receiving reflexology treatments so
much that I began teaching in 1986 and usually teach several classes throughout the year. I
developed my own style of “Touch Intuit” reflexology and wrote the reflexology book that is
used as the program text. I am hoping to have you join me and others in the world of
reflexology, an ancient healing modality!

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